Larry the Bunny Saves His Money


Jim DeGaetano’s first ever children’s book Larry The Bunny Saves His Money is available now and debuted on Amazon as a #1 New Release!

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Larry the Bunny
Jim DeGaetano, Financial Planner and Author

Hi! I’m Jim and as President of Diamond Wealth Advisors, I’ve done a lot of work with Junior Achievement, a 501(c)3 nonprofit helping communities grow through youth, education, and economic development. I’ve been involved in programs that teach kids from 3rd grade to high school about money. I believe that if you can be stable economically, many other things in your life are going to benefit and it helps the whole community and world. 

I read a lot of books to educate myself on various things and believe in being a lifelong learner. I remember there was one book I was reading about neuroplasticity and these words jumped off the page at me:

95% of our brains are formed by age 6 and our habits form then.

I have two young kids at home, I read to them every night so this fact hit really close to home. Here I was volunteering with kids who are older than 6 years old and their habits have already been formed and we’re trying to change them. I started looking for books that teach kids under the age of 6 how to save money so I could start reading them to my kids.  I couldn’t find any that explained it in ways young kids could understand and remember when they’re older.

If a child's brain develops more rapidly at this time than any other time in life, with lasting impacts on a child's ability to learn, why can't we teach kids how to save during this stage of life??

I also know from my 13+ years of experience as a wealth advisor that  85% of Americans are ill-prepared for retirement. I believe that if we start educating kids early on, we can help more people achieve economic stability and abundance, as it will be second nature to them.

Since reading Larry The Bunny Saves His Money to my children, they’ve already started taking action and even remember (and repeat) the lines in the book as they received money for birthdays and holidays.

We all want what’s best for our kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. If you have little ones in your life who you love, this book is for you.

Larry the Bunny Saves His Money- Larry's Carrots
Larry the Bunny Saves His Money


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