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Jim DeGaetano, CFP®, CPA, MBA is a personal finance expert specializing in retirement and the Author of The Fruitful Retirement and Larry the Bunny Saves His Money.

The Fruitful Retirement

The Fruitful Retirement- A Financial Framework for Your Life's Greatest Chapter

This book is different from other retirement books because it focuses on YOU first (instead of your money first) so you know exactly what you’re saving for and why. So many people reach retirement after spending most of their lives working, only to be faced with the daunting question


“What's next?” 


The Fruitful Retirement helps retirees answer that question. Who would’ve thought a piece of fruit could break down fiscal fitness in a simple, easy to understand formula? It does that and more!

Retirement itself is not the magical destination society tells us it is, but you can choose to make it magical. The Fruitful Retirement is a powerful tool to help you think about the endless possibilities for the next chapter of your life and how you can be prepared for them.

Tara Bradford

Host of Handle Everything Podcast

Larry the Bunny Saves His Money launched as #1 New Release on Amazon

Larry the Bunny Saves His Money

Did you know neuroplasticity research has shown us that 95% of our brains and habits are formed before the age of 6? Larry The Bunny Saves His Money is a children’s book that aims to help kids develop the habit of saving money early on, before they develop habits they will need to change later. If we teach children how to save money when their brains are developing faster than at any other time of their life, it can impact their unconscious views about money and how to save, leading to a life of financial stability.


Larry The Bunny Saves His Money helps kids get started with healthy money habits.

The Author

Jim DeGaetano, CFP, CPA, MBA is the author of The Fruitful Retirement and Larry The Bunny Saves His Money, the President of Diamond Wealth Advisors, and a keynote speaker on the topics of strategic planning, retirement, and relationship capital.

He resides in Carlisle, PA with his wife Jen and his two kids Anna and Garrett, who have both given their seal of approval to his new best-selling children's book Larry the Bunny Saves his Money.


Jim DeGaetano, Financial Planner and Author

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For Adults:

Here are some of the topics Jim can speak to:

  • The number one question retirees have the hardest time answering
  • The three types of retirement fruit your money tree can bear (and how to get it to grow)

For Kids:

Here are some of the topics Jim can speak to:

  • When to start teaching children to save money
  • How to teach children about money, spending and saving

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