I help you redefine retirement by redefining what it means to you

There are three types of retirees.


Those who want to learn how to manage their own retirement.


Those who want to partner with someone to help them manage their retirement


Those who want someone else to deal with their retirement for them.

You’re here because you fall into the last 2 categories

I know because I’ve spent the last 13 years sitting across from thousands of retirees, like yourself, and the people in the first category will leave my office and never come back. I can’t tell you what happens to them when they retire, but I can tell you that those in category 2 and 3 go on to live a fruitful retirement based on my proprietary framework for investing in what’s next for you and it’s the same framework I write about in my book.

Jim talking with a client


I can teach you everything I know from my experience, and degrees in business and accounting, but none of that matters if you can’t think of what makes retirement meaningful to you. For most of my clients it’s freedom, but freedom can look and feel however you want it to. Here are some things that might be popping into your head as you read this:

Giving back by teaching, volunteering, and/or donating money

Spending more time with your family

Taking longer walks in the morning

More control over your time

Seeing more of the world or your own country

Waking up without an alarm clock

Ability to live your life with purpose

Reading more books

Learning something new

How do you pick one thing if you can do anything?

The truth is, what you choose is going to be different from what someone else chooses, but there is a science to it. I love to work out and stay in shape and I’ve read a lot about body types and how the types of exercises and diets we need varies depending on our body type. Your body type determines how your body will respond to certain foods, hormones, and sympathetic nervous system traits.

In the thousands of retirement planning conversations I’ve had over the years, I’ve noticed your fiscal fitness can be approached in a similar way to your physical fitness.

Similar to your body type, I've noticed each retiree has a 'wealth' type, and each type can be represented by a certain fruit. In The Fruitful Retirement, I share the three types of retirement fruit you could be growing and what you should be focusing on depending on which one you fall into so you have a financial path to clarity.

Which Fruit Are You? Your Retirement Fruit

The Fruitful Retirement means being able to live the way you want to live when you have the time to do the things you want to do

Jim DeGaetano, Financial Planner and Author

When I started my own firm I wanted freedom just like you, but my freedom looked a little bit different. I wanted the freedom to be able to pursue The Fruitful Retirement method 100% with all of my clients and to be able to offer it to other advisors and firms.


Let's stop waiting until we retire to figure out how to be happy today

I believe financial empowerment is one way we can feel more freedom to create the memories we wish for that will ultimately bring us that happiness. Are you ready to redefine retirement with me?

The Fruitful Retirement- A Financial Framework for Your Life's Greatest Chapter