3 Mindset Shifts for Recent Retirees to Find Financial Peace of Mind

The goal for retirement should be financial stability. Without it, retirees can’t relax and enjoy their golden years. The reality for many retirees is the they probably won’t be making the same amount of money they did while working and this is okay.  

Retirees who change their mindset can gain a better understanding of how to save and when to spend. They can also relax about money, and not worry. Retirees who change their mindsets can learn to enjoy their money. They can avoid debt, enjoy vacations, and continue to save during retirement. The idea is to move from a negative financial mindset to a positive one.  

In my new book The Fruitful Retirement, I share the following four stages retirees often move through before they become entirely comfortable with no longer working: 


As you get closer to retirement, you can begin analyzing your expenses and reducing debt. Retirees have a regular income, like working adults, but the amount might be lower. Recognizing that your lifestyle might change slightly is something you can plan for while you are still working. Learn to live within your means before you retire, so you aren’t taken by surprise.  


After working throughout adulthood, retirement can be frightening and downright anxiety-producing. To ease anxiety, you should continue planning for the future, as you did while working. Build a to-do list, so you can check-off items and reduce your stress as you complete them. Seeing a plan on paper can soothe anxious minds.  

Continue planning for the future. Otherwise, you will start to worry, and the anxious mindset creeps back into your world. When you continue to invest, you hold your perspective in check and keep your money growing. Failing to think about your financial future is a negative mindset in action. Stay positive by continuing to build for the future while budgeting for the present.  


Before you retire: 

  1. Take time to work with a financial adviser who specializes in working with retirees. 
  1. Talk about your budget and future investment plans. The financial adviser should also talk to you about taxes during your retirement years. 
  1. Consider avoiding debt by paying cash for everything you purchase, even large items like homes and cars.  


After working through the first three stages, you move into the acceptance mindset. At this point, you realize that you can control your finances. You also understand that you can let go of what you cannot control – like market conditions. You accept that you can live a fruitful retirement that gives you the freedom to retire comfortably.  

Eventually, you’ll find that you can have fun while retired. You can travel, take on new hobbies, and enjoy a growing family. To have peace of mind as a recent retiree, change your mindset. As you change your perspective, you will see your finances become less stressful. You will move into a routine in retirement, and it will be your routine, not one controlled by an employer.  

In order for your life’s greatest chapter to be fully realized, you need to advance through these stages without getting stuck in one of them. The Fruitful Retirement can help you get there! 

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